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List of judges: Click here

This list can be changed when it's needed. The organisation isn't responsible for any mistakes on this page. When their occure changes they will be published on this page as quick as possible. The judges for the ring of honour aren't know yet.


Only the breeds mentioned below will receive a different judge than foreseen, the breeds NOT listed below will retain the judge on the judge's list.

Due to an accident Mr. Dux cannot be present to judge.

Saturday 21/04

Group 1:
Australian Kelpie and Australian Sheperd Dog will be judged by Mr. Vandaele B. (BE) in ring 18.
Berger Blanc Suisse will be judged by Mr. Kotlar R. (HU) in ring 17.
Deutscher Schäferhund (Langstockhaar and Stockhaar) will be judged by Mr. Réhanek P. (CZ) in ring 13

Group 10:
Azawakh, Magyar Agar and Sloughi will be judged by Mr. Kotlar R. (HU) in ring 17.

Sunday 22/04

Group 2:
Anadolu Coban Köpegi, Kavkazska Ovtharka, Sredneasiaskaia Ovtcharka, Do-Khyi, Jugoslovenski Ovcarski Pas, Rottweiler and Shar Pei will be judged by Mr. Zeniou C. (CY) in ring 11.

Mrs. Van Raamsdonk-Blatter C. (BE) will NOT judge the Bullmastiff.
Bullmastiff will be judged by Mr. Van Raamsdonk D. (BE) in ring 6.

Group 3:

Staffordshire Bull Teriër will be judged by Mr. Coble H. (GB).

Group 7:

Deutsch Drahthaar, Deutsch Kurzhaar, Deutsch Langhaar, Deutsch Stichelhaar, Epagneul Breton, Epagneul Français, Griffon d’Arrêt à Poil Dur Korthals, Grosser Münsterlander, Kleiner Münsterlander, Perdigueiro Português en Perdiguero de Burgos they will all be judged by Mr. Feyaerts R. (BE).

Group 7:

Bracco Italiano, Drentsche Patrijshond, Weimaraner kurzhaar en Weimaraner langhaar they will all be judged by Mr. Kotlar R. (HU).

Mr. Van Raamsdonk V. (BE) is replaced.

Group 2:

Affenpinscher, Deutscher Pinscher, Österreichischer Pinscher, Riesenschnauzer, Schnauzer, Zwergschnauscher en Zwergpinscher they will all be judged by Mr. Leenen T. (BE).

Group 9:

Caniche they will all be judged by Mevr. Van Raamsdonk C. (BE).



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